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EDM Consumables and Maintenance

EDM Consumables and Maintenance

In addition to wire, EDM consumables include water filters and resin, and power contacts that deliver the power to the wire.

Wire EDM maintenance should be proactive and preventive, according to Makino’s JADIC. “You don’t want to run the EDM until you have a problem,” he said. “You want to do it at prescribed intervals so you don’t have any surprises—like having the machine stop when you are running overnight. With the wire EDM process, the name of the game is maximizing unattended machining time.” Most new machines notify the operator when maintenance must be performed.

With wire EDM filtration systems, filters must be replaced at prescribed intervals—typically after 200 to 300 hours of operation. It can vary based on the filtration system capacity, machine operations being performed and material being machined.

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