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Improved wear and charge discharge principle analysis

Improved wear and charge discharge principle analysis

 for EDM power feed contact

EDM power feed contact is a passive device that stores energy in the form of an electric field. When necessary, EDM power feed contact to store the energy to release to the circuit. EDM power feed contact consists of two pieces of parallel conductive plates, between the plates filled with insulating material or dielectric material. When the power feed contact is connected with a power supply is DC (DC) circuit, in particular situations, there are two processes will occur, are power feed contact "charging" and "discharge".

The edm power feed contact charging process is completed, there is no current through the power feed contact, so in DC circuits, power feed contact can be equivalent to open or R = infinity, power feed contact voltage on VC cannot mutation.

improve the wear for edm power feed contact添加收藏到 (单选) 

 One: requirements for working fluid

The working fluid water solution currently used as CNC high speed wire EDM wire cutting power feed contact, the conventional configuration is 1..10, processing of aluminum material is 3.8. to maintain a clean working solution to work effectively, use sponge to avoid into the water tank , maintain the smooth flow of working fluid, reduce the adhesion. The sponge is regularly wash and changed

Second: the rational collocation of pulse electric parameters

CNC high speed wire EDM wire cutting power feed contact, a wide pulse width to produce a relatively large surface with alumina or alumina particles, small pulse interval will produce larger particles. The electrode wire is very easy to adhere to these larger processing particles, which has a great negative effect on the processing. By increasing the value of the unloaded voltage of the pulse current, reducing the width of the pulse and increasing the gap of the pulse, the possibility of sticking to the electrode wire can be reduced.

Third: operation skills

With a sponge in the rear frame slot line, wire electrode high speed reciprocating by sponge friction, reduce wire jitter, to ensure normal power play power feed contact

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